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Finding a real estate agent and property manager who thoroughly understands Ellenton's communities in addition to the current housing market, Manatee county schools, and local ordinances is critical to buying or selling real estate. For years, I've helped clients buy and sell real estate in Ellenton, Florida, and I'd love to help you buy or sell your house, too.

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Whether you're purchasing, selling, investing or researching, you'll need a partner who embraces technology and knows how to apply it to a real estate transaction. You'll benefit tremendously from free resources here such as the mortgage calculators, listings search, and tips for staging your home. But these will never replace the time I personally spend with you, serving as your personal guide during this wonderfully hectic, never routine, process.


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Mortgage fraud: Fla. still No. 1 but things improved
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Fort Lauderdale mortgage modification firm penalized
12/17/2014 2:13 AM
A Fla.-based scammer is banned from the mortgage modification business under an FTC settlement after allegations that he tricked financially strapped homeowners. ...Read More
Short sale tax break heads to Obama
12/17/2014 3:11 AM
Congress passed a tax forgiveness bill that caused NAR to issue a Call for Action. If the president signs, 2014 short sellers are shielded from related IRS taxes. ...Read More
Fla. institutional investors could turn 29% profit
12/16/2014 4:15 AM
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New lending guidelines target first-time homebuyers
12/16/2014 4:12 AM
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Why so many foreclosures? Banks blame borrowers
12/16/2014 4:07 AM
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70% don"t know about downpayment assistance
12/15/2014 3:12 AM
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Fannie, Freddie to fund affordable housing program
12/12/2014 2:08 AM
The two housing giants funded an affordable housing program until the financial-meltdown taxpayer bailout. FHFA says it"s time to restart that program. ...Read More
Owners and appraisers are almost on the same page
12/12/2014 2:17 AM
In Nov., appraisers and homeowners came close to agreeing on home values, with appraisals coming in, on average, only 1.56% higher than owners" estimates. ...Read More
FHA"s 90-day flipping ban returns Jan. 1
12/11/2014 2:10 AM
A post-recession waiver allowed property flips in less than 90 days, but FHA announced today that the wavier will expire at the end of 2014. ...Read More